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Focusing on our strong commitment to the institution of camping, our experience in the field and our genuine love for children, Pitsas Camp is an innovative educational and sports camp in Prinos, Thassos.

Through creative fun, teamwork, sports and learning of self-sufficiency, at a perfect camping location with the most appropriate facilities, our ultimate goal is to create joyful emotions.

Join us in the magnificent world of ultimate camping experiences!

Modern Facilities

In absolute harmony with the natural environment, but also with the highest quality standards, Pitsas Camp modern facilities extend in a private area of 30 acres, with certified equipment and friendly accessibility. It is the ultimate summer choice!

Medical Care & Safety

Our priority is the safety and excellent condition all of our campers. The permanent presence of medical staff in the camp and the fully equipped camp infirmary ensure and provide 24 hours a day high quality services to our little campers.

One of the most essential advantages of Pitsas Camp is the nearby Prinos Health Center, just 2 km away. Prinos Health Center is one of the most complete primary care units in Northern Greece.

Parents day - pitsas camp


Summer in Pitsas Camp is always synonymous with enjoyable activities, guided and free, filling the summer moments of our campers with smile, action, knowledge and creation.

All equal – integration program

Pitsas camp has the facilities, the knowledge and the training in order to accommodate children with disabilities. Aiming to the development of their potential, through special creative programs, entertainment, but also through the effective integration and participation in activities and events.


Entertainment is the main component of a child’s summer holidays. With activities, competitions, music, endless dance, spectacles and trips, we cover the whole range of camper desires on this subject.

Entertainment and Adventure Park

Enjoy unique moments of adventure and action in a specially created Entertainment and Adventure Park at Pitsas Camp. Sports, entertainment and practice never found a most enjoyable context. Try to balance, climb and enjoy adventure in a fully secured environment.

Giorgos Pitsas


Corporate & Social Responsibility

Pitsas Camp feels the duty of civic-mindedness. Through its summer camping seasons, with dedicated infrastructure and fully trained staff, Pitsas Camp provides children who need it most with the full package of hospitality, summer fun and care.


With a staff’s average experience of 30 years in the institution of camping, Pitsas Camp has all the ingredients to form the ultimate environment of the camping experience, with excellent professionalism, and with love and knowledge of the subject.

Yalos Pool Bar

Meet us on the magnificent island of Thassos!

On the emerald island of Thassos, where the blue of the sea embraces the green of the pine trees, Pitsas Camp is an integral part of the natural environment. In perfect harmony with nature, our facilities await you at the 2nd km between Prinos and the traditional village Ano Prinos (Kazaviti).

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