Medical Care & Safety

Everything your child’s safety requires

Medical Care & Safety

Medical Care

Our priority is the safety and excellent condition all of our campers. The permanent presence of medical staff in the camp and the fully equipped camp infirmary ensure and provide 24 hours a day high quality services to our little campers.

One of the most essential advantages of Pitsas Camp is the nearby Prinos Health Center, just 2 km. away. Prinos Health Centeris one of the most complete primary care units in Northern Greece.

Camper safety

Our top priority.

Campers’ safety is our number one priority in Pitsas Camp.

  • Lodge in the main entrance with guard 24 hours a day
  • Nightwatchman, who checks all night the camp’s facilities
  • 24 hours cover of the surroundings from private Security group
  • Perimeter fencing of the camp, 2.00 meters tall
  • Lightning rod
  • Fundamental conductor in every single house which ensures the even operation of electrical installations
  • The camp is monitored by CCTV.
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