The people behind Pitsas Camp

Kontsantinos Pitsas


Well known as the Chief, Konstantinos Pitsas has dedicated his whole life to the institution of summer camps. The man himself is a living legend in his field, considering his dedication to the well-being of the little campers. He is the man who helped many children in Northern Greece to learn, love and experience the camping life, as a means of entertainment, culture and socialisation.

Giorgos Pitsas


Giorgos Pitsas is the soul of the camp, operating and organising every single detail! He is the man who was born to command the camp. Over the last 30 years he has been a camper, team leader, swimming pool manager, dance teacher, head of entertainment, community leader and deputy chief in various camps of northern Greece. Due to his experience, he knows in full extent what is needed for a camper to spend the 22 most exiting days of the year. You will notice it too!

Sotiris Kyrias

Technical Advisor of Day-Schedule

Sotiris Kyrias works in camps for more than 20 years, and he is one of the very first few people who has combined entertainment with education. He has created leisure Olympic Games activities, for kids between 8 and 10 years old. With his responsibility and great relationship with the children, Sotiris Kyrias has proven in all these years how reliable he is as a key member of this camp. Always good and fair, with an extraordinary personality, he is essential in our new community of Pitsas Camp.

Giorgos Kaivetzis

Deputy Chief

Giorgos Kaivetzis is a professional trainer, with a degree in open-sea lifeguarding, he is the number one follower of the camp’s well-disciplined program. He belongs to the new generation of our crew, but, having worked in all camp’s positions, he is well trained for the position of Deputy Chief in our camp. His scientific training, the fact that he is multi-talented in sports, his contemporary methods of training and his love for the children are the elements that make him a unique personality of our crew.

Stefanos Kaskavalis

Head Coach

Stefanos Kaskavalis is one of the newest members of Pitsas Camp family. In a very short period of time, he managed to become essential, by unfolding successfully all of his talents. As student in Sports Science, he engaged in almost every available sport and now he is our Head Coach of Team Sports. Sociable, active, dear with children, but also kind to all of our staff, consistent and responsible in his duties with a spontaneous natural politeness, Stefanos is one of our most precious executives in Pitsas Camp.

Vasilia Kartsidou

Art Director

Vasilia Kartsidou is engaged in classical ballet and modern dance for many years, while holding professional level ISDT diplomas. Her aim is to mobilise the imagination and promote children’s individual expression through dance.

Dimitris Konsoulas

Team Leader

Dimitris Konsoulas started as a squad leader, continued as a coach in various sports and now works as a Team Leader in Pitsas Camp. Sensitive to children’s issues and always willing to listen to complaints and queries in order to help them fully adapt to the spirit of camping. Some of Dimitris’ qualifications: Physical Education student, trained in various sports and holds a First Aid diploma. Calm but effective, always smiling, full of knowledge, able to entertain and educate through games. His involvement with the modern training models helps children to learn the basic techniques of many sports.

Kyriakos Kofidis

Team Leader

Kyriakos Kofidis is amongst the newest members of Pitsas Camp. Our collaboration began in the summer of 2014, but his adaptability in the camp’s spirit surprised us positively. With football coaching qualifications, personal achievements, but also with an extensive knowledge in various sports coaching and first aid techniques, Kyriakos is valuable in the field of sports. Eager, active and polite, he has become amiable to children since the very first days.

Marialena Chourmouziadou

Team Leader

Although Marialena Chourmouziadou has recently joined our team, she has already acquired real experience as a Team Leader not only for the youngest, but for older children too. Having spent her most beautiful summers as a camper and also as a team leader, she has already decided to combine her love of children with her studies in Education Sciences in Early Childhood at Democritus University of Thrace. Undoubtedly, the “key” of the successful relationship that creates every summer with all the campers is that Marialena still feels like a child, although a responsible one!

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